Update 03-21-21:  The main arena is open!

UNTIL Further notice:
General meetings have been cancelled due to the restrictions imposed
by Marin County to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Novato Horsemen clubhouse is closed
until the stay-at-home order is lifted

The NHI Arenas are open for member use only for the purpose of exercising and riding their horses. Bring your 2020 membership card with you when hauling in to use the arenas.
Strict distancing rules are in effect, and the number of riders allowed in an arena at a time are posted at the grounds.

Please wear a mask 100% of the time you are on the grounds!
Main Arena:  No more than 6 riders at a time, maintaining social distance. 
Turn outs allowed, but must end if there is a rider waiting for the arena.

Warm Up Arena: No more than 2 riders at a time, maintaining social distance. 
Turn outs allowed, but must end if there is a rider waiting for the arena.

Round Pen:  No more than 1 rider at a time. Turn outs allowed.

Riders are allowed to ride for one hour in the arenas.  
Please keep track of your time and be respectful if others are waiting to ride. 
Riders may use the club for up to 2 hours (split between arenas) but, must exit the club grounds after 2 hours. 
This will reduce the possibility of “gatherings”.

TRAILS:  Are now open! You may haul to the club grounds and ride out from NHI.

CLUBHOUSE: remains closed at this time, our General Meetings and rentals are cancelled 
until further notice.

PPE/ Hygiene: Please bring your own disinfectant, and wipe down the gates as you come and go.

ENJOY the ride, and stay healthy and safe!!

Events, rentals and meetings will resume when the 
Covid 19 pandemic restrictions for group activities are lifted
for Marin County.  Be safe everyone! 

Novato Horsemen has been a part of the Marin County community since 1942 and was incorporated in 1945. It co-sponsored Novato's original "Western Weekend Parade & Rodeo" until 1978, which was the largest attended affair in Novato. The club is currently one of the largest horsemen associations in California but unfortunately, it is also one of the last remaining active horse clubs in a county which once hosted many barns and stables. As land values skyrocket, Novato Horsemen members strive to withstand "progress" to keep Novato and Marin County's horse heritage alive for future generations of children and adults.

The club, which consists of over 300 senior and junior members from the five surrounding Northern Bay Area counties, currently participates in a variety of cattle events, trail rides, and social affairs, as well as horsemanship education at the Horsemen's own facility. Horse owner or not, most activities are open to all within the community. Membership dues are kept low so anyone can participate. Members also donate their time to all activities, as well as maintaining the clubhouse facilities, arenas and grounds. 


Novato Horsemen History


 Novato Historian 2019 article about our club!  << click here to read a great article on the history of Novato Horsemen

Click here for information on how to join Novato Horsemen!
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And check out our new Instagram account:  Novato Horsemen Inc. 


If your horse creates ruts or divots in the arena when turned out or while riding,

 please rake and smooth out the footing before leaving.  

Also, don’t forget to pick up any manure to keep our arena clean!

Reminder, you must carry your membership card when on the NHI grounds.

For everyone's safety All Dogs must be kept on a leash with the exception of the caretaker's dogs. 



Scenes from the Ranch Cow Work session on Thursday nights:

Here are scenes from our horse shows!
Mari Turvey on My Little Deuce Coupe 
Flying over the fence!
Photo by Earl McCowen